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Hey there! 👋 I'm Sid, your go-to tech aficionado at techwithsid.com! I'm all about embracing the latest tech trends, troubleshooting tech woes, and sharing my passion for all things digital with you. Whether you're here for my portfolio, tech blogs, or looking to level up your coding skills, you're in for a wild ride of innovation and fun. So buckle up, fellow digital explorers, and let's embark on this tech-tastic journey together! 🚀


Recent projects

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DaftRentalBot is an open source Python project that automates the process of applying for rental places on daft.ie by scrapping latest ads every 30 seconds and applying for houses if not already.

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A simple python package which helps you create racing bar charts within few minutes.


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Explore my work and projects, witness the magic of innovation, and discover what I bring to the digital table.

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I specialize in turning your conceptual projects into tangible realities. Let's collaborate to bring your vision to fruition.


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Helped me land a job.

I wanted to transition my career to IT and decided to learn Data Analysis with Siddarth. His practical approach helped me learn Python for data manipulation, visualisation, and more. He never failed to clear my doubts. Extremely professional. Would definitely recommend.

Emily Smith

Python made easy

I’ve always wanted to learn Python, but never knew where to start. This course was a game-changer! His clear explanations and hands-on exercises made complex concepts easy to grasp. Highly recommended for anyone diving into programming for the first time!

Rakesh Patil

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